6 more trainees join the team

We have now recruited 6 more trainees – the very interesting thing is that they immediately have more confidence that the original crew.  I think some of this is because they have the inspiration and security of the ladies who went before them – there is certainly a nurturing atmosphere in the project building now and the new recruits are clearly looking up to the original crew.

The road getting to this point has been much longer than I expected, everything takes time – possibly even more so in India.  The heat, the rains and the cultural diversity all takes adjusting to, from a London perspective of speed and urgency!

In July 2015 we opened the building full of good intentions, a newly built empty shell where we had agreed that we would set up a project that would benefit the community surrounding our bags for life production unit.  Which members of the community needed help the most was driven by the local Panchayat, it now seems that word is spreading and we are being contacted by people who want to be a prt of the project – that is very inspiring.

We aim to have the new trainees trained within 6 months.

Meet our 6 new trainees.

From left:  Manu Mondal, Sanjura Bibi, Sarifa Bibi,

Rupa Kahar, Jaheda Khatun, Michal Mondal

We are looking forward to updating you on their progress!