Building Relationships Building Support

Well it’s May and we haven’t lost any students! We still have the same 6 people who started the project all those months ago, that is good news. The even better news is they are so much more smiley, a lot less suspicious and dare I even say friendly? But the best thing is that they finally seem to recognise us. Building these relationships is important, because it’s actually continuing source of motivation for us to continue generating as much income as we can, to finance the project as it grows.

The response across our WBC network of clients has been very positive, customers seem to be motivated by the knowledge that the bags they buy from us are  . Cocobagh is still very much it’s early stages – too early for some of our customers to be able to shout about it. Yet already big players like Dobbies Garden Centre, the One Water Group and Seasalt Clothing and many more, have shown their support, taking interest, asking questions and ‘watching this space’. It’s really encouraging.

Systems and processes – boring but necessary

I am beginning to understand why organisations in the public sector can appear less than nimble. The importance of procedures and systems and having a very detailed log of exactly what has been happening on a daily basis, are essential tools to measure what is working and what needs improvement.

It’s not the fun stuff I like to think about, but I realise that I need someone who is here daily. Someone who speaks the language and can work to ensure all the processes we put in place are maintained correctly.

With this in mind, we’ve appointed Sreejeet to be a linchpin between us and our bag making facility, so that we can learn about the women more and communicate better. He is a local Bengali guy who used to work for Eco Jute and has come back after a couple months working elsewhere. I’m hoping he really helps us make some strategic headway.