Houston! We have a name

Cocobagh Logo

Not wanting to jinx the project prematurely, we have been motivated by our recent visit to Kolkata in May, where so much has now been achieved and it seems wholly appropriate to finally give our project a name. 

Inspired by the coconut palm trees we ceremoniously planted when we inaugurated the new buildings, Julie Davison came up with the word ‘Cocobagh’ which loosely translated in Hindi means ‘Coconut Garden’. One day we hope the Cocobagh grounds will be a self sustaining environment where a lovely garden produces food for workers and students alike, as well as providing us with coconut water on tap to beat the heat, because boy do you go through a lot of it!

Our Creative Director Mark Ho, has once again come up trumps with a fantastic logo for the project and along with these swing tags below that we want to feature on all the future products that the project has a hand in,  we hope to spread the Cocobagh message for years to come.

So now we have a building, a name, and a logo for the project – all we need now is to start training some women….


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