Now we just need some students!

With the Cocobagh training facility finally complete, we’re now getting ready to fill it with our highest hopes.  We have purchased some manual sewing machines as apparently these are much easier for the new trainees to learn on. Once the recruits have passed the early stages or training, we will them get them on to automatic sewing machines.  

The panchayat people are difficult and give off a strange vibe. ‘Is this another load of westerners coming to change the world?’ could well be a question they are asking. There is definitely a sense of mistrust from the panchayat. Clearly we have taken very much longer than we expected to set everything up, so I guess some of the promises they have made to the locals have been put into question.

What are we actually trying to achieve here. What is the ultimate gain of the Cocobagh project?  Is it simply to train stitchers who will ultimately work in the factory? Well these are all questions we need to go and think long and hard about. We already have some potential students lined up and we need to re-think exactly how this process is going to work.


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