Round Table India supporting Cocobagh

We have some really exciting news to report from our recent trip to India! Last week we visited the current trainees at the Cocobagh training facility in Badhuria, West Bengal. On the way there, we stopped off to pick up a representative from the Kolkata Alipore Cart 12 division of the Round Table of India. We weren’t fully clued up about what that was or the work they do, but we had a bumpy 2 hour drive through the Kolkata countryside to get up to speed. The Round table are non-for-profit business consortium who raise funds for uniue projects within their locale. Projects just like ours! We were immensely bowled over to have received a very generous contribution of 20,000 rupees worth of educational equipment and resources which will now have a direct impact on the Cocobagh venture.

Who are the Round table of India?

Round Table is a non-religious, non-political and non-sectarian group for young business men, who meet regularly to connect and network with each other, have fun and brainstorm new ways to give back to their communities.

The young business professionals get together round the table, hence the name, adopt methods that proved good in the past, adapt them to the changing times and wherever possible, improve them, emphasizing the speech of the Prince of Wales. The phrase ‘Adopt, Adapt and Improve’ is a key facet of the organisation.

The Round Table is internationally a friendship organisation, founded in Norwich, England by Louis Marchesi, then a Rotarian in 1927. From a small group of 8 members, today it has grown to 43,000 members across 52 countries representing every corner of the world.

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