While it never rains, it pours!

Our visit to Kolkata back in May this year was full of hope and excitement about the future of our India project; to create employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged members of the community that surrounds our bags for life facility.

We enthusiastically awaited the grand opening of our new building with our bags for life partners Sid and Sajan talking (and walking us through) the blue prints and plans for the building structure. Our whole India family together took part in Durga Pujah ceremony to bless the building and everyone who works in it. And then the rains came.

After just one week of training, following the heat and flames of our puja ceremony, came some of the heaviest and longest lasting rains to hit West Bengal for many years.  The downpours put a stop to the final stages of completing the construction of the washrooms, resulting in a lack of suitable facilities for the women who had joined the project.

With dampened spirits we accepted it was impractical to carry on until the services were complete. So we’ve agreed to recommence once the rains have subsided enough to allow the building work to continue. Down come the rains while we wait earnestly.

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