Up, up and Away!! We have the beginnings of a building


Finally we have some images for you!

Construction has begun on Cocobagh’s new training facility in Badhuria West Bengal; the structure as you can see, is well and truly on the way up.

Our team of builders have been working through many of the issues we never envisioned or accounted for, especially in terms of drainage on the site. With such extremities in weather temperature and the significant rainfall that affects this region of the world each year, the practical realities of building in an area that’s remote, rural and largely untouched are quickly setting in.

Drainage here needs a lot of thought and careful planning because of the sheer volume of rain fall during the rainy season, especially after such long dry periods during the rest of the year. We now know from experience that if we don’t manage to get the building weatherproofed by the end of June, we will have to wait for the rains to pass – delaying our project further. So we’re really at a critical juncture.

As with most administrative processes in India, the unending reams of paperwork you’re required to submit could very well be another set back  – we must have the structure signed off before the weather proof panels are fixed.

Here’s hoping!


Cocobagh Construction site Kolkata Cocobagh Construction site


Cocobagh project: building in West Bengal

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