WBC merge with Canby the UK’s largest bag supplier

uk printed bags for life

Way, waaay back, when Take That and Boyzone ruled the charts and WBC was a startup company, we were lucky enough to get a small loan from The Prince’s Trust, the cash of which helped
 us to buy a van and start trading out the back of it and get the vital ‘leg up’ we desperately needed. 25 years on, we’re still proud to be part of the Princes’s Trust network and we’re always on the look out to partner and support with other socially responsible outfits. 

With a belief in responsibly supporting communities, businesses and people, helping them maximise their potential we are super excited to announce our partnership and merger with one of the UK’s largest and most succesful producers of printed bags for life, Canby Bags. 


Founded in 2002, Canby was the UK’s first dedicated trade supplier of environmentally friendly natural bags. Specialising in the production and personalisation of cotton, jute and juco ‘bags for life’, Canby was built on the founding principles of replacing plastic bags with reusable and biodegradable alternatives.

Since its inception, Canby has become the first choice for many of the UK’s retail, education, exhibition, charitable and public sector markets. We’ve worked closely with Canby on various projects in the past and the values we share in understanding the needs of the individual, however big, however small, and then delivering sensibly priced solutions that don’t compromise on quality, has been instrumental in bringing the two of us together.

Bags for a better worldWBC will lead the company in the guise of WBC Bags for Life, expanding on their founding principles by offering retailers greater choice and options within the framework of its current branding packaging services. Marketing Director James Hayward stated:

‘The sale of jute continues to go from the strength to strength with many independent retailers using bags for a life as a way to increase impulse sales at the till, while at the same time advertising and increasing brand awareness. We’re so excited to get to work and build on the amazing legacy that David Gould and the Canby team have built over the years’

With the Scottish government’s recent proposals to impose a minimum 5p tax levy on plastic carrier bags, and the increasing backlash from consumers and retailers alike toward the use of plastic, the sales of natural fibre bags looks set to continue in popularity.

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